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 After at lunch at the hospice there has been a question about where to get acquainted with a guy. “At a restaurant, sports team, and automobile support”, – we recorded. “Or, like Charlotte out of”Sex and the City”, at the cemetery,” added the coordinating doctor. The story remembered, as a friend of a friend met her future husband to a dating website. Everyone was quiet with interest: nobody among us, as it turned out, had any experience of relationships on the Internet.

The fascination took over. Not thinking for extended, I registered https://adultdatingadvice.net /, published a photo and celebrated my real age (what should be honest ). And it’s easy: you flip through the profiles of applicants, put likes or look”nowhere”. No longer expecting anything good following the greeting from another guy, I lazily transferred into his profile. 42 years old, playing football, cute, tall. Following a short conversation we agreed to get a date, because then Andrew and I’ve been together. My name is Sophia, I’m 33 years old and now I work at the practice. I’m an infectious disease doctor by profession and have a Ph. I am devoted to the lifetime of my work. My tight program and 36-hour shifts from the hospital do not allow me to come across a few. However, time goes by, and I am not getting younger, just as the decades go by the desire to start a family grows increasingly. I really don’t understand why I deserve this endless happiness and the way on the relationship website I met a person, any place where I want to call home. I really like Andrew not for what he is, except for what I am following him: every day together with his attitude and endless passion for family, God and absolute strangers, he also shows what a true man can be and what I could be.

Internet dating isn’t a panacea, they cannot substitute live communication anyhow. And this is a sort of cat in a bag: even if you meet with your interlocutor, it is not a fact he will fulfill your expectations. Or possibly on the opposite, you do not take this assembly seriously, simply to take the evening, but in reality it will be the true love of your life.


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